About Us

forum publishing company

Forum Publishing Company was established in 1981 to connect wholesalers with retailers throughout the country. Through our magazines, Retailers Forum and Swap Meet Magazine we have assisted small business owners in establishing or expanding their operations.

Our newest property, Swap Meet Directory, is a culmination of extensive research to provide users with an accurate directory of flea markets for either starting a new business at the market or enjoying a day out shopping.

The industry has changed quite a bit since our start, especially in the flea market industry. Many markets have closed over the years while others have flourished. If you see an inaccurate listing here, please let us know. If we missed a market, please contact us to share the info with everyone.

We’re dedicated to your success and providing the best quality information to assist you.

I've been reading Swap Meet Magazine for many years and am thrilled to see this great online directory of markets. Thanks to Forum Publishing for helping my business source product and now also find locations!
Ayla Angel
Summer Sales